5 Sure Fire Signs That He Is Into You

by Sex Toys Australia

For centuries women have been asking themselves the same question: does he love me or does he love me not? While women tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves, men can be a bit harder to figure out. If you have found yourself trying to decipher what the true feelings of a man in your life are then here are five sure fire signs that he is into you.

  • He responds to your texts immediately. If he responds to your 6:00 a.m. "Good morning" text at 6:01 a.m. then this means that he was most likely sleeping with his phone just in case you texted him. When a man is phone stalking you it is a very good sign.
  • He touches you a lot. No, not touching in that way. Constant touching like holding your hand, brushing his arm against yours, giving you hugs, tucking your hair behind your ear, or brushing away an imaginary eyelash from under your eye can be a strong indicator that he enjoys being close to you. This is a very strong indicator that he is into you.
  • He listens when you talk to him. Men aren't the best listeners and paying attention to women's gab isn't their forte, so if you notice him asking about the concert you mentioned a few days ago or reminding you of an errand you mentioned you need to take care of then that means something. The only women most men will listen to that closely are his mother and the woman that he is into to.
  • He notices the small things. Does he make a comment when you change something miniscule about your appearance, such as the color of your nail polish? If he seems to notice every time you have made even the smallest change to your appearance, then this is a very good sign that he is into you. Not many men care too much about what your nail polish looks like, and if he cares about your fingernails then he definitely cares about the person attached to them.
  • He knows your likes and dislikes. Does he automatically change the radio to your favorite station when you get in his car? Does he suggest that the two of you meet at your favorite restaurant? Does he pick the movie he knows you've been wanting to see from the Redbox? If he has taken the time to familiarize himself with what makes you happy, then this is a very good sign that he is into you. Even more telling is when he also actively avoids your dislikes, like ordering cheese pizza instead of his usual pepperoni because he knows you don't like pepperoni. When a man is willing to sacrifice his pepperoni for you, there can be no doubt that he cares about you.

If you saw yourself in at least three of these signs, then the odds are very strong that he is indeed into you. So stop worrying about it and just bask in the attention. All signs point to him making a move very soon!

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